One platform for all energy modeling needs

From model design to cloud simulation to performance analysis, BuildSim's automation solution shortens 70% of energy modeling time and boosts your ROI.


Automate your building energy modeling process with few codes and clicks


Customize your BEM workflow and performance dashboard 


Visualize your design performance and share with your clients and team

Develop data-driven insights that lead to improved designs and decisions

Fill out your reports in seconds. No more manual and repetitive work from now

From a single model to parametric study, free your desktop from the heavy simulation tasks

An AI backed building energy model calibration solution



Don’t just automate, optimize

Don’t just automate, customize

Integrated modeling environment, as well as flexible reporting/dashboard creation tools, allow full visibility into your building energy models. This data is the basis of being able to make meaningful changes to your designs. 

BuildSim's unique approach links standardization with customization, providing efficiency of energy modeling process, without sacrificing design freedom.

Find the best way to work with BuildSim

Your Workflow+Cloud Simulation

Your Workflow+BuildSim Automation Tools

BuildSim Customized Workflow


Energy Model still have errors? Still cannot meet your design goals? Take a deep breath. BuildSimHub's new expert consulting program makes the process easier than ever.

  • Energy Model Debug

  • Energy Model Improvement

  • Free Cloud Simulation 

BuildSim Consulting

BuildSim AI

Experts Supporting

Result Guarantee

BUILDSIM Experience

“BuildSimHub provided the underlying pieces (Energyplus, Openstudio) that gave ladybug its value but as a web service with a rich API.”

“3D visualizer is just amazing. It makes sure no errors generated in SketchUp and I can keep tracking every geometry changes made by my team."

“Instead of spending time on rectifying outdated model iterations, my students are now focusing on model enhancements for improved energy efficiency in projects.”

John Egan, Founder & Director

BIM Launcher


Christopher Brown, Project Manager


Omer T. Karaguzel, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Carnegie Mellon University

"Startup BuildSim's new offering brings project management, version control, and collaboration features to building energy simulation."      

                                                                                                           --U.S. Department of Energy

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Oh, and we'll prove it...

Free Trial: Of course.

Personalized Demo: No problem

POC Collaboration: Yep

If you have a real project and want to see how BuildSim would automate BEM process - we want to hear about it and if it's a good match to our capabilities - our delivery team will build a use case with you together so you can see it running.

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