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Manage Your Chaos

Collaboration makes perfect. 

Cloud worksharing keeps your projects on track


Introduce BIMPort

The BIMPort, an innovative design dashboard, is simple to use – no matter how complex your project, and allows for collaboration and communication of everyone relevant to the project. 


Project management, team sync

Create a comment to suggest a new idea or track design changes. Then organize, sync and assign tasks to your team. 


Project Folder

Design folders provide an isolated environment for different systems designs. It helped you maintain the integrity of your drawing, model and data. 


Discuss Designs

Conversations happen alongside your designs. All you have to do is markup or report an issue. Discuss new ideas or bugs for each object highlighted.


Design Version Control

BIMPort Platform tracks and synchronizes all design changes. No data lost, forgotten or overwritten for better collaboration.


3D Simulation and Visualization

Compatible with the most BIM formats in the market, including Revit RVT, AutoCAD, PDF and more. 

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