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Get Your Insights

Insights link data and business values. BuildSimHub helps you make better decisions 

Start with cloud simulation 

Free your desktop from the heavy simulation tasks so you can focus on things really matter. 

cloud simulation

Multi-models Simulation 

Run simulations on BuildSimHub's fast cloud server for your multiple design options at the same time.

Parallel simuation
Parallel simuation

Track Simulation Status 

Track your cloud simulation status anytime, anywhere on our platform or just in your email. 

Parallel simuation

EUI and Energy Breakdown

Check the most important energy simulation index and breakdown right after a successful cloud simulation.

Super 3x Simulation

For large energy models, BuildSimHub provides customers with up to 3x faster super simulation solution. Same accurate, less waiting time.

Global Simulation

BuildSimHub allows you to run multiple simulations with your customized schedules (.csv files contains hourly data) and weather files.

Cloud Simulation

See your design performance 

No more HTML files. BuildSimHub visualizes all your design strengths and weaknesses with our amazing dashboard "Insighter" 

dashboard-building context

Building Context

Preview the building key properties and site information in an interactive viewer. You can also switch to the building and check the geometry.

dashboard-energy key metrics

Energy Key Metrics

View the key metrics (Energy, LPD, People, EPD, Etc.) on the summary dashboard. You can understand the performance instantly without digging into details.

dashboard-standards benchmark

Standards Benchmark

Compare your design with standards and local regional average. Get instant feedback about your design performance.

dashboard-energy end-use

Energy End-use 

Check the energy end-use with radar chart. Discover the design strengths and weakness. Score the design by comparing with peers.


Fill out your reports in seconds

No more manual and repetitive work. Whether they are code compliance reports or certification reports, BuildSimHub's customizable reporting solution helps you generate them instantly.

Recent case with our NYC client

Create bug-free models on BuildSimHub 

Keep projects on track all the time with your team

get your insights on BuildSimHub

Insights helps you make better decisions

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