Features that empower your energy modeling process

BuildSim equips you with all the tools you need to streamline your workflow.


Start an IDED

Select & Copy & Paste


Ctrl + Enter / Cmd + Enter (Mac)

Search & Next & Previous

Search (Ctrl+F / Cmd+F), Go next and go previous (Ctrl+G / Cmd+G, Ctrl+Shift+G / Cmd + Shift + G)


Replace (Ctrl+Shift+F / Cmd + Option + F)

Replace All

Replace All (Ctrl+Shift+R / Cmd + Shift + Option + R)

Global Text Search

Double Screen

Turn on/off Functions

Full Screen


3D Visualization

Access to 3D View

Interact with Geometry

Shading Analysis

Heating & Cooling Load Analysis

Construction Data Analysis

HVAC Data Analysis