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Manage Your Chaos

Collaboration makes perfect. 

Cloud worksharing keeps your projects on track

version control

Introduce version control

BuildSimHub's version control system tracks and synchronizes all model changes. No data lost, forgotten or overwritten.

energyplus and openstudio vesion control

Compatible with EnergyPlus and OpenStudio

See every update

branch-based design

Design Folders

Design folders provide an isolated environment for different systems and proposals. It helped you maintain the integrity of your model and data. 

BEM design history

Model Commit History

Browse and download commits within your design folders. Know all model changes made by yourself or your teammates. 

BEM quick change update

Quick Change Update

A quick update summary compared to your commit/change. Trace any suspicious added, edited and deleted models. 

diffs compare

Diffs Compare

Preview changes in context with your model to see what is being proposed. Side-by-side Diffs right next to the original file, so you can easily spot changes object by object.

Build your automation workflow

Merge requests are fundamental to how you and your team improve and contribute to the project. Evolve models on BuildSimHub. 

partial merge

Partial Merge

Beyond traditional line-by-line merge, BuildSimHub creates the Partial Merge. Only choose objects you need in a single file to propose a change. 

System Reuse

We are solving the biggest puzzle in the building energy modeling industry. Even beyond the partial merge, introduce the System Reuse solution. 

Automatically extract systems (HVAC, Envelope, and Economic systems) from models and form a template to reuse into new projects. Automate the workflow and create your own system library. 

Resolve conflicts

We cannot always avoid conflict.

Resolve conflicts on BuildSimHub with one click

merge resolve conflicts
resolve merge conflicts

Control what your final merged file looks like with BuildSimHub's simple rules. Just click conflicts to choose which code you want to keep or delete. 

Green: added code

Red: deleted code

Blue: conflicted code

Smart merge

Project management, team sync

Create a comment to suggest a new idea or track a bug. Then organize, sync and assign tasks to your team. 

team privilege

Team collaboration

Give collaborators as much access as they need through your team settings. You can select which ones can access, view or edit your models. 

branch activity

Folder Activities

Quick review and access all comments and changes in your working folder. Save your teammates a few notifications. Bundle comments and commits into one cohesive review.

Discuss models

Conversations happen alongside your models. All you have to do is mention a teammate to get them involved. Discuss new ideas or bugs for each object highlighted.

discuss your energy model
Team sync

Create bug-free models on BuildSimHub 

Keep projects on track all the time with your team

get your insights on BuildSimHub

Insights helps you make better decisions

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