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Create Bug-free Models 

Prevent problems before they happen.

Improve the quality of your model and fit neatly into your workflow

IEDE For Energy Modelers

Introduce the world's first cloud Integrated EnergyPlus Development Environment (IEDE) for energy modelers.


Validate your data input 

Auto data input validation as you upload or edit your models. No more human errors.

energyplus and openstudio data validation

Compatible with EnergyPlus 8.8 and OpenStudio

Smart EnergyPlus Editing

Syntax highlight, auto-completion, field information, etc. Energy modeling is simple, fast and smart from now.

Multi-tasking editing


Our unique "Tab" design allows you to edit multiple objects in one window at the same time. Discover connections between different objects. 

Multi-tasking editing
Multi-tasking editing


Still have system errors? Take a deep breath. BuildSimHub's auto-debugging solution make the process easier than ever.


3D geometry viewer

Bring 3D geometry to the energy modeling environment.

Check all your system (Envelope, HVAC, Etc.) connections.


See everything in 3D

3D geometry viewer

Bring 3D geometry to the energy modeling environment.

Check all your system (Envelope, HVAC, Etc.) connections.


BEM 3D geometry

See everything in 3D

shading analysis

Shading Analysis

Instant generate shadings of your building at any day, anytime in a year.

peak load analysis

Peak Load Analysis

Understand heating and cooling loads in an intuitive color-coded map. You instantly know what thermal zones should address the first.

Envelope Energy Information

Tightly connect the surface information in a 3D model so that you will never miss any erroneous data in your energy models.

Envelope analysis

Track your HVAC Design

Tracking the HVAC systems is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Not the case anymore on BuildSimHub. 

BEM HVAC analysis in 3D

Our advanced technologies track down every bit of your HVAC system and attach information back to an intuitive 3D model on BuildSimHub. Browsing the HVAC data can never be so easy before.

3D Viewer

Time-series Plot 


A high-quality energy model should be able to demonstrate design intents at every operation hour.

BEM time-series plot

Find the best fit for you

Heat map, surface plot and line graph, you can always find the best way to visualize the hourly performance of your design. Find abnormal data and fix them.  

hourly performance-heat map

Heat Map

hourly performance-surface plot

Surface Plot

hourly performance-line graph

Line Graph

Time Series

Create bug-free models on BuildSimHub 

Keep projects on track all the time with your team

get your insights on BuildSimHub

Insights helps you make better decisions

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