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All of sudden, The Internet of Things is set to disrupt the way we live and work. We can talk to a smart thermostat through our cell phone or ask Alexa to adjust lights and even speakers. These technologies certainly light up our daily life. We believe that more exciting things for IoT in buildings are coming.

However, a building is more complicated than just a single house or office. When building owners want to reduce energy cost or improve tenants' well-being, how to set up an appropriate criterion to monitor and change any IoT devices is crucial and essential in such large-scale architecture. BuildSimHub has the solution to turn your buildings’ data into action and savings. Our core technique hybrids a comprehensive physical-based building energy model with data oriented machine learning models. Data model is able to centralize and analyze real-time data streams across utilities and sensors, visualizing essential building operation information. What's more, physical-based building energy model predicts the missing but critical data points in the building, setting up a general reference or benchmark.

This dual models technique allows building owners to explore various control and retrofit scenarios that can save energy cost while keep the tenants happy with an easy understanding interface. BuildSimHub plus IoT, your building will be smarter than ever.

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