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Weekly Update--More Cool Features Done & More Clear KPIs

Product Progress:

We launched our intuitive dashboard "Insider"--an easier way to see your building energy simulation results. More insights on energy bench-marking and model design suggestions are coming soon.

BuildSimHub Insider:


"Action Bar"

New Action Bar feature helps your design team track all project issues and make actions quickly!

Business Progress:

7 new projects created on BuildSimHub, from 47 to 54, increasing by 15% weekly.

Customer Interviews:

We interviewed with 3 current users last week, getting feedback and testimonies from them.

We are trying to talk with more architects, energy modelers, building performance analyst and HVAC engineers. If you have any connections with architecture firms/building energy consulting firms, please let us know. Anyone in your mind you think we could talk to is helpful. Really appreciate that! BuildSimHub gogogogogogo!

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