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A new way to visualize EnergyPlus simulation results

We all know the importance of understanding the simulation results and delivering the right message to our clients. As someone who does EnergyPlus simulation in a daily basis, we often have to spend numerous time trying to extract useful information from one of the world plainest and overwhelming HTML file. I am sure that you have experienced wasting hours scrolling up and down the ridiculously long output file and what you need is just a number hidden in this 1990-style HTML. What's worse, after finding all the numbers, we still have to compile them into a report to show to clients.

In the past few months, I have been thinking about how to make reviewing simulation results simpler and insightful for all the EnergyPlus users. Our team starts talking to our customers and developers and here is the first version of the New Simulation Summary.

Once you have completed a successful simulation on your BuildSimHub project, you can click the "Model Report" option to enter the new summary interface. The giant map on the first panel shows all the site information as well as locate your project in the regional context. Below the map, the first few items highlight the building information - building type, floor area, building volume, energy consumption (EUI) and set point hours not met.

If you like to view your building, you can also toggle the button on top of the map to switch to building view:

Scroll down a bit; you will see more details about the building; this includes the average lighting power density, occupant density, and electric power density as well as Energy End Use Chart.

The last portion of this summary contains all the envelope information, such as your windows, walls. Also, a cost panel is also presented when the EnergyPlus economic module is activated.

For the first version, we also included some benchmark / standard comparison. If you see the little information button (!) in the panel, click it to enter the comparison:

You can instantly see if your design performs well enough or sucks OR whether you hit the standard requirements or not. Your design pro and con can be easily navigated and understood by you, your boss and your clients.

That is the first version we have developed. It is fully functional on the BuildSimHub. You can also join our beta testing! Help us improve with your feedback and comments!

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