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Best Practices of Energy Modeling (BEM) - Model Comparison

Last time, we talked about data reuse during the energy modeling process. Today, let us see another scenario we will face a lot: I accidentally changed a parameter which causes simulation crashed. I forget what I changed. So it will take me hours to debug it and get lost in the sea of data.

However, instead of directly diving in debugging the error message process, I can compare the two energy models first using BuildSimHub's model comparison feature:

Bingo, that is the problem. Somehow this parameter defaults to 0 instead of "autosized", which causes the air loop has 0 air flow and then crashes the simulation.

Compare also gives you a sense of why the simulation results are so different between the two energy models. Such practices will soon be released in our beta "insighter" project, parametric "insighter". Stay tuned!

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