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Some Cool Stuffs for Text Editor Lovers

A new and exciting update from us this week is the release of EnergyPlus text editor.

View IDF files

First of all, the text editor is currently combined with the "View IDF function", which you can find it under each energy model commit. Once open it, you will find a "Edit File" button at the top of the interface (highlighted in a circle).

edit IDF file

One thing should be noted is that the text editor is tied to the IDF object tree on the left side of the interface, which means after you select an object (In the example, its ScheduleTypeLimit), clicking the "Edit File" button would only bring you to the text editor for this object.

Let's see what it can do more than a normal text editor!

1. Easy access the Editor and browse through field IDDs.

IDF file editor easy access

2. Free to add your own comments

Add comments

3. Auto-EnergyPlus field validation check

Auto-EnergyPlus field validation

4. Auto-EnergyPlus syntax highlight

Auto-EnergyPlus syntax highlight

More cool stuffs are on the way! Keep updated with our progress here!!

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