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Version Control OpenStudio? You Got It!

More cool stuff this week! BuildSimHub now supports OpenStudio GIT operations, including merge and compare. Whatever you are working in the OpenStudio, do not need to convert to IDF anymore.

To start an OSM project, you can create OSM branches. Under "create branch" window, you can find the selection of the branch type.

Openstudio version control

Same as the IDF version control, now you can do diff-merge on OpenStudio. It is the best practice to keep track all the changes you made in the design process.

Openstudio changes tracking

Moreover, view your OSM on our state-of-art 3D visualizer and interact with your data! Make sure nothing go wrong on your design and show-off your design with your team or clients anytime, anywhere.

Next, you can leverage the BuildSimHub powerful and fast cloud-computing resources for the simulation, so that you can free your local hardware for other more important work.

Last but not least, instantly view the insighter!

BEM simulation insights

More cool stuff is on the way! Stay up to date with our progress here.

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