Video--The New 3D Viewer for Energy Models

Last week, we released our new 3D viewer interface, which addressed multiple issues raised in our beta tests. The new 3D viewer is faster, and intuitive to use. Below are a few video clips that demo the main functions of the 3D viewer.

1. Access the 3D viewer

2. Interact with the geometry

3. Shading analysis performed on any hour in a year

4. Intuitive heating and cooling load analysis

5. Construction data analysis

6. HVAC data analysis

To use the 3D viewer, all you need is just an EnergyPlus / OpenStudio model.

We are rapidly developing our software tool to make this workflow smoother and more intuitive. Every week, we will release new functions to boost your energy modeling speed and quality. Stay tuned!

To request a demo, please click here.

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