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Video: The All New BuildSimHub (Part 1)

After many sleepless nights, countless cups of coffees and numerous talks with our beta users, we finally launched our all new BuildSimHub. Let's take a quick look at how BuildSimHub can optimize your energy modeling workflow, assure your model quality and help you manage your project!

1. Create a new project

2. Create a new branch (design alternative or system)

3. Submit a new commit (update)

Okay, now you know some basic, let's start explore what we can do with your team!

4. Add your team member (architects, engineers or model reviewers!) in project and assign them privileges.

5. Give your team member tasks! Let's boost the team productivity in our trello-like agile board!

We will have more videos release to show the features of the all new BuildSimHub in the next few blogs.

We are rapidly developing our software tools to make this workflow smoother and more intuitive. Every week, we will release new functions to boost your energy modeling speed and quality. Stay tuned!

To request a demo, please click here!

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