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Investigate Your Model in An Efficient Way With The New Time-series Plot Function

Ever need to investigate your HVAC system performance in hourly resolution? Or need to demonstrate the HVAC system performance to code authority or clients? We typically export the hourly time-series data from an energy modeling software in a .csv file. Then import the .csv file in excel sheet for plotting, or write a script in R, MatLab or Python for data visualization.

With the BuildSimHub, all these steps can be reduced to one click, and below is the demonstration of how this works:

1. Access the time-series report, and view all the data summaries (average, max, min and download the data in csv format)

2. If you want to view one data at a time, try the heat map plot

3. Or you can view the data in a line graph (zoom in and out of data, easy search and select)

4. Even better, you can have multiple data plot in the same graph. Comparison makes debugging much simpler!

We are rapidly developing our software tools to make this workflow smoother and more intuitive. Every week, we will release new functions to boost your energy modeling speed and quality. Stay tuned!

To request a demo, please click here.

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