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Cloud Auto-debugging: Make Energy Modeling Sexy

If you worked on an energy modeling project, you must have encountered debugging process. Whether it is because of model structure issues (e.g., severe errors like missing branches) or human error (e.g., type in wrong fan curve coefficient, causes large energy consumption) or set point hours not met, the debugging takes a long time, and it is frustrating.

The typical workflow of this debugging process is a trial and error.

1. Change a little bit in the model following by the indication of bugs in a tedious error file in a text format.

2. Run EnergyPlus simulation.

3. Recheck the error file.

You might repeat it many times, even you stuck in this whole day because EnergyPlus never gives you the full picture of the errors. For example, your model may have 10 severe errors, but each time you run the simulation, EnergyPlus reports you back with a sever error. You have to keep repeating this process again and again and again until all the issues revealed and fixed.

Sounds familiar? If so, we think we have something for you!

The video shows our latest development of model debugger, as part of our total energy model Quality Assurance solution.

In the beginning, we established an internet connection to our server with a command line application.

Next, set your debug target (in this case is EUI). In this scene, I opened my EnergyPlus model in my sublime text editor for editing and place it on the left side for demonstration purpose.

Every time, after you make some changes, you hit the "Save" button or ctrl+s, the model will automatically send to our server for debug simulation. Everything runs on our fast cloud service.

It happens so fast that you may see your future issues right after you saved your current fix!

With goal setting, the debugger also will tell you that you may have mistyped something or your projection isn't accurate.

If the target is met and there are no more errors, you will get this success sign! Commit your changes to our service and you are done for the debugging service.

What is the difference? In the whole process, what you do is just saving your energy model. That's it! Safely leave all the heavy, repetitive work to BuildSimHub, and receive just the right amount of information for you to debug!

We are rapidly developing our software tools to make this workflow smoother and more intuitive. Every week, we will release new functions to boost your energy modeling speed and quality. Stay tuned!

To request a demo, please click here.

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