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The EnergyPlus and OpenStudio IDE

The EnergyPlus authoring tools are heavy and slow, that's why we use text editor to do some editing.

However, standard text editors are not user-friendly: energy modelers never had the same scripting experience as python or ruby with all the favorite text editors.

Syntax highlight, auto-completion, field information, etc. The text editors do not provide them for the EnergyPlus, until now.

I am happy to introduce the new integrated development environment (IDE) for EnergyPlus from the BuildSimHub! It is simple, fast, and smart!

The IDE knows the differences in comments, numerical inputs, and alpha inputs and highlights them in different colors. Easy to identify the type of the data is the key in searching for what you are looking.

Also, it works like a regular text editor including operations such as search, copy and paste. The experience precisely like your favorite tools so that you don't have to relearn all the tricks.

It is smart. It knows the hidden constraints under each field. With the IDE, you will be very confident of every single value that you typed in.

The smart does not stop there; because the IDE also knows what you want to type:

And it is the best tool to create new classes in EnergyPlus.

Sounds great? Wanna give it a try? Request a demo today at here!

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