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Reuse HVAC systems - the new smart merge from the BuildSimHub

Since we launched our beta test, our merge function has received many compliments and suggestions. We like our users to be wowed with the ability of reuse their previous model data in their new projects with just a few button click. But we also love all the feedback and suggestions to our merge function even more!

One of the most asked questions is how does the BuildSimHub handle the HVAC system reuse? So allow me to introduce our new merge function - the smart merge!

The purpose of developing the smart merge is to reduce the time and efforts in creating the same HVAC system over and over for every project. If you are still struggling in creating HVAC systems or creating HVAC templates for each design, I think you can found our solution very interesting.

The smart merge takes in your previous model, and automatically extract the HVAC system and form a template for you to select. Let's call this example as Model A:

After selecting the template, choose the target model (let's call it model B) that you want to merge to:

So next, what the algorithm does is to analyze the model B thermal zone groups based on the model B current HVAC systems. In this case, you don't need to worry grouping the right thermal zones again.

So the outcome?

The old VAV with dual duct air terminal system is replaced by DOAS system hybrids with Fan Coil units. The results? Almost 20 kWh/m2 saves with fewer hours not met.

It is a right call to change the HVAC system!

The whole process can be found in the video here:

Sounds great? Wanna give it a try? Request a demo today at here!

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