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The Last Minute Change Saver - Smart Merge

Very often, we are frustrated by the last minute changes. Those changes could come from the government code authority or client. Once we receive such request, we have to rush the project in given time constraint. Recently, one of our customers received comments from code authority asking for an envelope upgrade. He got a day's time to do the job, and he has only a model in .idf format (EnergyPlus format) because the model was done by another company. Let's see how BuildSimHub can help him save time!

In the original model, the envelope does not meet the requirement. As indicated, the U-value of window and wall needs to be lower to pass the regulation.

So after realizing the problem, the first thing the customer did was not open the .idf file in a text editor or BuildSimHub's IDE to manually modify the construction. Instead, he went straight to another model he did before on BuildSimHub platform, which has high insulation set of envelopes.

After confirming the envelope thermal properties, the customer clicks merge function and select the envelope merge, which is now part of our smart merge feature!

Replacing the envelopes with smart merge is so simple as demonstrated in the image above. The customers selected the constructions he wants to merge to the model and click submit! Just that simple.

Run simulation again; the customer immediately see the energy consumption dropped from 48 kBtu/ft2 to 44.6 kBtu/ft2

Compare the energy consumptions:

and confirm the envelope performance!

The last-minute change can be truly done in a minute with a high-quality assurance on BuildSimHub!

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