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The Magic Behind The Scene--Faster Simulation & More Stable BuildSimHub

For the first times in a week, we did not deliver any new feature to our customers. However, if you are the current existing users of BuildSimHub, you may already notice something is different. The system is much faster and stable!

What are the magic we did behind the scene?

Since we launched BuildSimHub project for beta testing 5 months ago, we received many supports and suggestions from everywhere. Today, we have 9 beta users from 7 companies and education institutions. Our platform is hosting more than 90 projects with average 20 projects stay active every week. With the growing list of customers, our AWS EC2 service can no longer provide sufficient speed and stability to everyone.

In last week, we work closely with AWS team on full scale deployment of the platform. This work fully utilizes the advance technologies offered by AWS including:

1. Migrating database to AWS RDS Aurora – 10 time faster on data storing and retrieving operations

2. Data backup on S3 – make sure your data is secure under the protection of BuildSim

3. Use ElasticCache as data gateway for data communication – 25% speed boost for energy simulations!

4. Elastic Beanstalk manage service auto-scaling and load balancing – Stabilize the system even under high user demand.

5. Last but not least, we utilize CloudFront to improve the speed of page loading by 40%

That’s all the magic happens behind the scene and we are really proud to have the opportunities to work with our customers and AWS team to deploy our full service platform. The results so far have been amazing!

After fully utilizing the AWS service with our new beta-testing cloud simulation system, we are able to reduce a 17 hours simulation down to 5 hours. The fast speed model quality control and cloud simulation could save you from high pressure projects.

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