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BOS18 Is Coming--Weekly BEM Industry News And Best Practices

Industry News & Best Practices

BEM-What is energy modeling and what are the benefits of doing energy modeling at an early stage? A new article published on proud green buildings explains the gist of economic benefits from modeling. Learn More DesignBuilder--Want to learn DesignBuilder? A recent workbook is published by an IIIT professor and co-authors that uses DesignBuilder as examples for building energy simulation education. Learn More IBPSA Survey--Our community benefits from performance data from existing buildings, but unfortunately, this data is not consistently collated or formatted in a manner that allows easy access and analysis. IBPSA issues a 5-min survey to better understand the industry trend and build up the BEM database.

Interesting Research

A review of unsupervised statistical learning and visual analytics techniques applied to performance analysis of non-residential buildings Measured and simulated data sources from the built environment are increasing rapidly. It is becoming normal to analyze data from hundreds, or even thousands of buildings at once. Mechanistic, manual analysis of such data sets is time-consuming and not realistic using conventional techniques. This review paper summarizes studies using statistical methods to uncover the hidden information in the data as well as introduce visual techniques to aid the human analysis process.

Webinar & Conference

DesignBuilder--DesignBuilder Software training in Brussels, March 2018 is opening for registration. Book your space BSO18--2018 Building Simulation and Optimization conference is calling for abstract. The conference will be held in Cambridge UK in middle September 2018. Abstract due on December 1st. Learn more

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