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WELL Sustainable Design & Net-zero Building--Weekly Industry News and Best Practices

Industry News & Best Practices

WELL--WELL is the hottest four-letter word in sustainable design. But will it work to the benefit or the detriment of green building? This article gives a very good overview about Well as well as pro and cons collected from industry. Want to know this hottest thing in the sustainable design? Learn More

Net-zero Building--Design and build a net-zero building could be a massive challenge for both clients and the design team. So we naturally think creating a net-zero community is difficult or impossible in many cases. If you feel like that, then this inspiring article delivers the good news that may well surprise you! Learn More K-12 School Design--Interested or have a project to build a low energy to zero-energy K-12 education facilities? Look no further than this article posted by DOE, which provides a detail technical feasibility report for zero energy K-12 school! Learn More Benchmarking Law--New York's benchmarking law has created a treasure trove of data on energy and water use in large buildings. Researchers are unpacking it and discovering noteworthy trends.

Interesting Research

Identification of cost-optimal and NZEB refurbishment levels for representative climates and building typologies across Europe

This interesting research uses cost-optimal calculation method to exam a list of passive and active retrofit measures that can help buildings achieve nearly-zero-energy building (NZEB). Want to learn the results? Click here

Webinars & Training & Surveys & Others

In a world of smartphones, cars, and just about everything else-the smart home is now a reality and constantly evolving. What will this mean for the future of residential energy efficiency and how programs can take advantage of this changing landscape? Register this webinar to learn all the potentials of your smart home. Register Now

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