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How blockchain transforms energy markets--Weekly Industry News & Best Practices

Industry News & Best Practices

LEED v4.1--A new iteration of the green building rating system will be piloted in 2018 with the goal of smoothing over rough spots. For modelers, it is likely the time to get familiar with the ASHRAE 90.1 2013 standards now. Learn More

OpenStudio--OpenStudio 2.5D geometry editor is finally released, it is written in Javascript and it is open-source! Learn More


Interesting Research

Still feel sad for falling behind the crazy Bitcoin market in 2017? Don't worry, we are energy people, not financial people, and the backbone technology of Bitcoin, blockchain is penetrating rapidly to every field, even in energy! Want to learn more about how blockchains can transform this industry? Learn More

Webinars & Training & Surveys & Others

The US Department of Energy's Building Technologies Office (BTO) is cu

rrently looking at how we present information on “Time-Sensitive Valuation of Energy Efficiency” (TSV-EE) in our building energy modeling software (i.e. EnergyPlus) as well as other top-down tools (e.g. Scout). A survey has been sent out for this effort. Learn more

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