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A New Year, A New Start--BuildSim 2.0

Happy New Year 2018 to the building energy modeling community!

Today we are happy to announce the public release of BuildSimHub platform! BuildSimHub is the first EnergyPlus-based energy model management platform that enables designers, engineers and facility managers collaboratively work on one energy model throughout every stage of a building's life cycle.

So what you can benefit from the platform?

Designers can quickly establish your energy modeling automation workflow. Combing with your favorite EnergyPlus authoring tools - e.g., OpenStudio, you can instantly answer all the client requests.

Engineers can deep dive every assumption in the EnergyPlus model, get the energy code compliance in a few seconds.

Facility managers are free from creating energy models by reusing the model established by Designers and Engineers. You can have more time focus on optimizing the building operations.


What's new about this release?

1. All the information is more accessible on one page. We listened and worked hard to come out with this new interface. Read more -->


2. Trackable cloud simulation. For large models, you can truly relax and enjoy your family time while not losing one byte of simulation message. With our email tracking system, you can retrieve your simulation status at any time, anywhere with any device! Read more -->

3. Smart merge is getting sexier! Imagine you can move all the constructions from a previous model to a new model with just a few button click? That requires some smartness to do it, but we nailed it. Furthermore, have you ever imagined to do it with economic analysis (LCC, Utility tariff, and component costs)? Or... HVAC system? Check out BuildSimHub!


4. The new Integrated EnergyPlus Development Environment (IEDE). We reworked the structure of the IEDE, and now it is just much easy to use. At meantime, it provides good information for you to start editing! Read more -->

A new interface!

Two editors full screen editing!

More are coming!

On our IEDE roadmap, global search, global replacement, HVAC system copy and paste, more robust validation calculation, etc., are on their way, stay tuned, and happy editing!.

So many new updates, and we are offering all of these functions for free! SignUp today.

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