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The all-new BuildSimHub

It has been six months since we released the BuildSimHub beta-testing, time flies! Along this six months, we have gone through many many iterations of the product based on suggestions and comments from friends, mentors, and customers. Moreover, we continuously remind ourselves the core value of every iteration, which is making BuildSimHub more accessible and user-friendly to all of the energy modelers.

Today we are thrilled to introduce the all-new BuildSimHub. It is the most significant and most intensive iteration we ever had! The all-new BuildSimHub raises the bar for energy modeling user experience to an entirely new level. Let's together explore what the differences are!

  • The all new Home page: All the critical project information is presented on this page. Also, you can have quick access to the models that you recently worked on, just as simple as google drive.

  • The all new Project page: The project page went through the most changes. On top of the page, three main features of BuildSimHub are highlighted in three panels:

  • Integrated EnergyPlus Development Environment (IEDE): The only IDE for EnergyPlus. It supports extensive data modifications (e.g., change all LPD values in light class), model validation check and double screen editing.

  • Cloud simulation: The fastest and most trackable cloud simulation service ever. You can truly relax while remaining connected with your simulations at any time, anywhere in any devices.

  • Code compliance: Extract simulation input and output to fill in your complex energy code report just in a button click. Keep you informed of the compliance check and help you save time on generating such reports.

There are also three project-level operations that can further help you manage your projects. These three actions are listed on the right side of project header.

  • Create folders: you can properly segment your energy modeling into different tasks.

  • Manage your team members (Pro user feature): assemble your energy modeling team to work collaboratively on one energy model, and enjoy the benefit of GIT-like workflow.

  • Access to your project storage: A place to store all the important design documents, measured data and weather files.


Below the project header, a list of model is organized in a Folder - Model structure. Every folder contains a list of model. Every time when you select a model under this list, the information bar at right side will be updated.

The information bar shows the model information with a snapshot of your model 3D view. Also it lists all the available operations you can do with this model. These operations includes

  • Download: download the model in IDF file.

  • 3D: view your energy model in our advanced 3D geometry viewer.

  • Merge: merge allows you to reuse a line of data, a component or even a system in this model to any other energy models.

  • Compare: compare helps you spot differences between two models instantly.

  • Copy: Make a copy of the current model and place it in a new folder.

If the selected model has completed a successful cloud simulation, the results tab can provide you with quick access to the results, including net EUI and energy use breakdowns. Also, you can enjoy accessing the full set of EnergyPlus outputs from Outputs, time series plots, and BuildSimHub Insighters.

That is it! Our engineer team and design team are working incredibly hard to condense 4-page contents into two pages. Although there is more information appeared on these two pages, the all-new BuildSimHub is amazingly simpler and more intuitive! Register it today to start managing your energy modeling and with our one month free promotion at the all-new BuildSimHub!

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