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The Integrated EnergyPlus Development Environment

As the modeling tools become mature and stable, energy modelers spend more time on optimizing system configurations. Thus, we see an increasing demand for text manipulation in the industry. Such operations include

  • Batch modifications: change LPDs for all office spaces.

  • Cross-reference edit: check coils and schedules while editing air terminals.

  • Search and replace: search and replace zone name throughout the entire model.

Tools with nice GUI typically equipped with burdensome validation rules and rendering workload, which frustrates me whenever I am trying to do a simple task, like change an LPD in a zone.

It finally gets to the point that we have seen enough mouse spinning and program crashes. We decided to do something different, something can provide a seamless data editing experience, and that is when we start work on Integrated EnergyPlus Development Environment (IEDE).

In this new release, we have restructured the design of IEDE and geared it with more useful features.

Syntax highlights, copy & paste, undo are the basis for this IEDE. Also, Info tab provides you with tons of information about the field you are editing.


It helps you auto-complete texts.


It allows you to search text across all the EnergyPlus classes:


Moreover, a split screen editing mode! Make your editing more connected:


Furthermore, you can get yourself enough space editing with full-screen editing mode.

Soon this IEDE will be released as an separate tool on our website and there are many more exciting features on the way! (Check the full-list of current capabilities here)

Stay Tuned with all our latest updates and news, subscribe to our twitter and LinkedIn to get the first hand updates!

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