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BuildSimHub - Energy modeling empowered by Cloud

Cloud simulation is a buzz word in the industry. Can cloud indeed improve the speed of the simulation? That probably is the only and most critical questions asked by many practitioners.

Unfortunately, because the EnergyPlus engine does not support parallel optimization, the cloud simulation capability is limited. So, to run an EnergyPlus simulation on the cloud is essentially the same as to run your EnergyPlus model on another computer. If you have a laptop with above 3.0 GHz CPU (regardless how many cores do you have), you probably can beat the majority of the cloud-simulation speed, not to mention the time used for data transmission from end-to-cloud and cloud-to-end. What's worse, it is not as easy to get simulation status from the cloud as seeing it on Window command prompt (cmd) .

It sounds like cloud simulation in energy modeling is full of cons, why do we still want to use it? With the cloud, you can:

1. Keep you connected: you can check the status of simulation literally at any time, anywhere with any devices.

2. Perform an extensive parametric study: It is expensive to buy hardware to support a large parametric study. However, cloud simulation can satisfy the computation requirement with much less up-front cost.

3. The simulation could be faster: With moderate text manipulation, we can fully utilize the computation resources of the Cloud to expedite the EnergyPlus simulation.

4. Always using the cutting-edge computers: Save the cost of buying new and powerful computers.

5. Do more things with one: Cloud system is accessible through APIs, so it opens up the opportunities for connecting many other web applications (e.g., benchmarking database) to form a total solution for your business.

Last but not least, as professions in building energy efficiency business, cloud computing is more energy efficient than running simulation in-house. The cloud service providers who host multiple customers on shared infrastructure can drive higher and more efficient utilization of energy resources.

So how is BuildSimHub empowering the simulation with Cloud?

1. We make simulation FASTER: Our latest fast simulation split one model into twelve months. What's more, with our smart algorithm, we can combine twelve months data into one ESO and HTML. So You won't even notice the differences.

2. We make it more TRANSPARENT: With our simulation email system, you can connect to your simulation at any time, anywhere with any of your devices. Get the first-hand information about your model while enjoying leisure evening with family is not impossible.

3. We make it SEXIER: Debug a model is tiring, especially using trials and errors method. Our cloud-based continuous integration solution can save tons of your troubles and provide the most smooth debug experiences ever!

4. We don't stop at Cloud simulation. We provide a WHOLE SOLUTION: Using BuildSimHub Cloud simulation, it is faster, but at the same time, you still can access all the annual results for your code compliance! We provide you with full year .ESO data file, HTML file and error file. In addition, you can also access the free BuildSimHub Insighter, which gives you a quick overview of your model performance, save the struggles to look through the HTMLs.

Also, you can access all tables in the EnergyPlus HTML output from our standard report library:

You can save every table in .csv, .xlsx or .pdf format, or even print the table through your local printer.

There are a lot more to do on our roadmap, which can provide the best cloud energy modeling experience ever. We are working hard on improving the overall energy modeling experiences on Cloud and we are also happy to work with you to solve your specific issues (Click here)!

Whether you need help, have ideas or just want to say "hello", we'll get back to you within a few hours.

Stay tuned by subscribing our blog news and get the latest updates. Also, you can now register our service to get a first-hand experiences with BuildSimHub for free!

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