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BuildSimHub Templates, A New Way To Version Control Systems in An Energy Model

Energy modeling becomes costly and slow in an integrated design delivery process. Very often, we spend tremendous time and efforts trying to update the energy model with an urgent request from the team, the authorities or the clients. But, have you ever thought about how to reduce those time and cost?

Last week, everyone in the world witnesses the exciting moment of Space X Falcon Heavy launch. This is an extraordinary moment in human history. But, its specialness is not because of the payload and capacity of this rocket (in fact, Saturn V is still the biggest and most powerful in the rocket history), it is the technologies that allow us to recycle the Falcon 9 rockets for future launch. The recycling of those rockets cut down the budget for each launch significantly, and make commercializing space launches become possible in the future.

Now let's go back to a much smaller question, but critical to every one of us in the energy modeling world: what if we can recycle the systems we did before? How much time and cost we can cut down on each modeling job and how much aggressive we push the industry towards greener and sustainable?

Meet the latest BuildSimHub template, a new way to version control and manage the systems in your model. With this newly add-on feature, you can also cut down your energy modeling costs for code compliance, design optimization, and urban-scale modeling, etc.

Let's see what the templates can do!

First of all, BuildSimHub has included a list of templates for envelope, economy and HVAC systems. You can browse through the standard list of templates, and apply to your energy models.

Second, you can template the HVAC system or envelope systems in any of your energy models for future usage.

Last but not least, you can easily reuse the created template in your future energy models.

Interested in what BuildSimHub can help you optimizing your modeling workflow? Contact us today and learn more about how we can boost your energy modeling ROI by up to 3 times.

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