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How Far Are You From Cloud Simulation? Just 3 Lines of Code!

In January, we announced the first release of our cloud simulation. Just in a month, our cloud helped to calibrate a large model by reducing the model run time from 17 hours down to 3 hours! It shortened the debugging process of T24 by more than 4 times. It also provides computing resources for a large-volume parametric study, saving client thousands of dollars for buying new computers for matching that volume.

Through these practices, we realize that there are huge values for energy modeling on cloud, and we cannot wait to make it accessible to everyone. With a powerful cloud simulation, you can easily optimize your energy modeling workflows and maximize the energy model ROI.

But to deploy a robust cloud simulation is not easy. You have to deal with the complicated services provide by AWS or other vendors, you have to balance the computation load, tracing the simulation status and server usage.... this list can go on and on..

Today, I am thrilled to announce the release of BuildSimHub's first python API library, BuildSimHub Python API library v1. With the library, you are literally just 3 lines of code away from the BuildSimHub powerful cloud simulation.

Furthermore, there are more cool functions included in the first released API library. You can get your building info including the number of floors, orientation or window to wall ratio even before the cloud simulation.

You can track your cloud simulation progress, also with less than 3 lines of codes

Lastly, retrieve your simulation results in seconds through our APIs. It is easy to get HTML, Error and Eso files through API (Literally just one line of code: see here) It is also easy to retrieve specific data from HTML including energy consumption (EUIs) or energy end uses.

The BuildSimHub Python API library is an open-source project hosted on GITHUB. We have detail documentation of the API as well as example files to get you start as soon as possible

So why wait, start integrating it with your workflow and maximizing your energy modeling ROI today!

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