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How to get your simulation data from BuildSim Cloud - API cheatsheet

A simulation generates tons of data - .err, .mid, .eso, .html, .csv... Each file contains a different set of data.

People use BuildSim Cloud for simulation in a different way, and so does the data requirements. In BuildSim, we are constantly updating our data retrieval capabilities to satisfy your needs. Below I listed the functions that you can use to retrieve various kind of data.

First of all, lets do a simulation:

Once the simulation is completed, we will receive a results object - all the data retrieving functions will be within this object.

1. Geometry viewer: Display your model geometry in a browser.

2. Building basic information: Get the basic information about the model. All these methods do not require a simulation

3. Simulation result - key values: These set of methods help user to quickly extract the key value without struggling in finding the number among various output sheet.

4. Simulation results - derived values: These values are derived from the model, serving as the building level data.

5. Zone Loads - retrieve zone load information

6. Hourly data - retrieve hourly data

7. HTML table - retrieve a table from HTML output file

8. Get the simulation results - retrieve the simulation result files

9. Download the model - you can download the energy model using API

10. For single value extraction, you can get the unit of the value by calling the method below:

We are continuously developing more data extraction methods. Submit a issue if you need more methods for your workflow.

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